I am not a career politician looking to go to Washington and line my pockets. I am only an individual who has come to the realization, that if you want something done right you more often than not have to do it yourself.  If we want to fix the government we need non-politician citizens to step up and head to Washington. Read more...

Choose To Be Heard

I want to be the voice of the Wyoming people in Washington. Choose to be heard, by electing me to the U.S. Senate. I want to return the office of a Senator back to the way it was intended by our forefathers. The function of a senator was to deliver the concerns and opinions of each state's electorate to the Capitol. This design and the duty of our representatives have somehow gone adrift over the years, and need to be put back on course. Read more...

In the News

Wyoming Campaign Trail

We will be releasing our tour information shortly. Thank you for the support.

-Choose To Be Heard-